Why you NEED a hardware firewall.

In your car, the firewall is a sheet of metal between the cabin and the engine which prevents engine fires from reaching you.

In computer networking, the firewall is just as important, a barrier to keep destructive forces away from your office network.


The network firewall performs the following functions:

Intrusion prevention

Your office network is under constant attack.  Malware and bot nets across the globe are slowly, but surely probing every machine connected online to find vulnerable points to attack.  A hardware firewall acts like a gate-keeper, blocking known patterns of malicious intent and hacking.

Packet filtering/inspection

Much like security at the airport, the firewall is constantly inspecting data moving across your network, watching for certain patterns and characteristics of malicious code, suspicious behavior, identifying the good traffic, and blocking the bad.  This includes traffic from the outside trying to gain entry, but also internal traffic trying to get out.

Gateway Anti-Virus and anti-spyware protection

Hardware firewalls compare known virus and spyware signatures against what they observe traveling through your network, with the ability to stop a large number of threats before they can even get to company equipment.

Several methods are employed by unscrupulous individuals to gain access to, or control of your computer equipment.  Many of these can be mitigated in full or partially by a hardware firewall.  Among them are:

-Unauthorized Remote login

-Application backdoors

-Operating system bugs/security flaws

-Denial of Service attacks

-E-mail bombs



In today’s environment, if your business employs a computer network, a hardware firewall is a must.  Please ask a MoseSys team member today how you can add this essential piece of protection to your network.





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